reading box

come and read!

this reading box was build on behalf of changing cities for the karl-august-kiezverein in berlin-charlottenburg.

except for the wooden beams which sustain the pipes this box was only made with second hand materials such as:

- ventilation pipes made out of inox (gift from neighborhood)

- wood for 21 compartiments from a larger shelf (gift from restaurant in the neighborhood)

- transparent roof out of acrylglass plate (gift from a berlin museum)

- platform out of aluminium (scrapyard) and metallpipes (kunststoffe, haus der materialisierung at alexanderplatz)

- seating-chest out of an old wooden box (berliner stadt mission, haus der materialisierung at alexanderplatz)

  • wood
  • iron
  • acrylic glass
  • Stone, concrete

170 x 170 x 210 cm (lenght, depth, height)



in collaboration with:

- alessandro di todaro

- WOOKOL architecture & crafts

© object under license (françois rossier & alessandro di todaro)

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